Byte Of The Day

The Form Evening has awesome dances
You must take a couple of glances
The Form Evening is on fire
We ain't no liar.

-Aryaman Pruthi (VI C) and Dhruv Jhamb (VIII A)

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MMT '15

Middle School Form Evening, Magical Mystery Tour 2015 (MMT '15), celebrates the magic of Science. It puts together various forms of the Performing Arts (dance, drama and music) to helps us appreciate the magic that Sciences have been able to unveil for the Mankind.

MMT 2015 enables our students, the festival's linchpin, to bask in a unique blend of the Science and the Performing Arts. It gives them an opportunity to take us through this mystical journey of Science, allowing them in the process to create and visualise the unseen unfathomable World of Science in future.

This festival provides a platform for children to create, preform and celebrate the spirit, which Uday Ahuja (VI B) brilliantly sums up in his own words:

Quarks make up an atom, atoms make up a molecule, molecules make up a chain, chains make up a fibre, and fibres make up a rope. In the same way, students make up a group, groups make up a scene, scenes make up an act, and acts make up a Form Evening.

If you take away a single atom, the rope will never be the same. In the same way, if you take away a single student, the show will never be the same. Therefore, each student's contribution is important whether small or big.

Byte Of The Day

Looking forward to a wonderful evening without any grieving.
Jayesh Buckshee (VII C)

It doesn’t matter how hard you get hit, what matters is that you get it- Opening Dance
Aryaman Pruthi (VI C)

- Orchestra derailed! - The music gurus were unavailable during practice so the students had to reluctantly return to their studies.
Varenya Gupta (VIII B).

- Choirists tune into DJ mode dancing their hearts out to the trending songs. Relaxing mood in the tense atmosphere!

- Raja sir’s passion for photography is infectious! The brief on the nitty gritty of photography held sway over the students, who were seen completely riveted by the discussion. Way to go, Raja sir!

- There is perfect calm and synchronization in the compering room apart from the occasional practice of lines. Pure bliss!!! Keep it up.

- Most people are doing their work but some are talking and making cartoons of themselves in the Art and Design Room.
Uday Ahuja VI D

- Prizes Undisclosed-No numbers, no answers. What are the secrets of Prizes
Dhruv Jhamb VIII A

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