Vaishnavi Saxena (VIII B) shares her joyous moment with Varenya Gupta (VIII B)

Q1 Share your feelings about winning a prize in Sanskrit?
A1. When I was told that the prize list has been displayed, I became nervous and curious and was surprised to know that I have won a prize. On checking the prize list I was delighted that I had continued my winning streak in Sanskrit for 2 years in a row.

Q2. How do you manage studies, singing and other activities amid the rising academic pressure?
A2 I have utilised the PA, VA and WE platforms to pursue my passion without letting the academic standards slip.

Q3 Does this prize motivate you to do better in Sanskrit this year and take it up in class 9?
A3. I had decided to take up Sanskrit but it does make me more confident and I hope to continue my winning streak in Sanskrit even if it becomes my second language in class IX.

Q4. How have your parents reacted to the news?
A4 My parents were happy but were hiding their disappointment that I didn't do better. This has motivated me to do better and surpass their expectations.

Q5. Do you perceive Sanskrit differently than other pupils?
A5. I regard Sanskrit as a blessing and think that I am fortunate to study it. I make sure that I study the subject regularly, which not many students do.

Form Evening’s Art and Design team is working exceptionally hard so as to bring the cosmos in our midst. Let’s see what Madhav has to reveal about his team’s effort into putting the whole thing together.

Q1. As a part of art and design team, what are you involved with?
Ans1- Art and design team is working on the props and background designing. We were initially planning to fill the school corridors with colorful paintings. But the time wasn’t enough. So instead, we are planning to showcase a large scale exhibition. We also created six large stick puppets as a part of the drama. These are mercury, earth, moon, sun, male and female star. We also helped the bhaiyas in painting the backdrop.

Q2. How does the background add to the performance?
Ans2- The background gives the audience a sense of being a part of what is happening on stage.

Q3. How many people are working with you?
Ans3- There are about five students. Some other students pop up from time to time and help us paint.

Q4. Out of all the other things, why did you choose art and design?
Ans4- At first I had opted for drama but on the day of auditions, I had gone for an inter school art tournament. So I decide the next best option.

Q5. How is the middle school form evening different from junior school form morning?
Ans5-Junior school form evening was good but in middle school you get a larger variety of options to choose from.

Vidisha Singhal (VIII B) amazes all with her winning streak.

Q1 How do you feel about winning three academic and one prize for excellence in playing the Violin, right in your first year in SBS?
A1. I feel highly elated winning these prizes. Such achievements push me to work even harder and they assure me that my hard work is and will be appreciated.

Q2 What were your feelings when the prize list for year 2014-2015 was revealed?
A2 On realising that the prize list had been put up, I was relieved to know that a long awaited list has been disclosed. I was anxious to see the results and I am delighted by them.

Q3 How would your parents react to this news?
A3 My parents would be extremely proud of me. They would be happy that their hard work paid off and I could meet their expectations.

Q4 You will receive your awards on the day of Form Evening right in front of your parents and peers. How do you feel about it?
A4. I feel that these prizes will be like an icing on the cake. The Form evening is a platform where I will showcase my talent. With so much enthusiasm already in the air, the prizes will definitely kick this evening up a notch!

By: Varenya Gupta
Varenya Gupta (VIII B) unravels the mystery behind Form Evening’s costumes through an interview with Aanya Goel (VII C)

Q1 How do you go about choosing the costumes for the diverse performances?
A1. Shreya ma'am helps us in deciding the colour of the costumes and then we see the performances and choose the costumes, keeping in mind the comfort of the participants. We then evaluate how well they complement the performance.

Q2 How do you make sure that the theme of the Form Evening is reflected in the costumes?
A2. We choose the colour combination and the accessories that go hand in hand with the theme of the Form Evening without sidetracking the comfort and requirements of the performance. The theme of this Form Evening requires colourful, intricate costumes. We have done our best, let’s see how it all works out.

Q3 How long did it take to finalise costumes and why?
A3. It took us around ten to twelve days since many changes were made in the design and fabric of the costumes. Getting measurements of the performers also proved to be a tricky task as we had to squeeze it in between practices.

Q4. Which costume was the most challenging and why?
A4. The costume for the Opening Dance was challenging as we had to use different colour combinations for different performers while keeping the design intact.

In conversation with Vijayashree ma’am:

Q. How do you think the Form evening is shaping up?
Ans- I think it is shaping up very well.
Q. Which is your favorite act?
Ans- All the acts are my favorite. Every act is unique in its own way.

Q. Who do you think is putting in the most effort in this year’s Form Evening?
Ans- I think the people backstage are doing very well this year that includes the Production team, FOH, Reporters, Costumes, Photography and last but not the least the Website Team.

Q. Which task do you think is at the center of this year’s Form Evening?
Ans- According to me a Form Evening can’t be dependent on one task. It is a collection of the talents of each and every student that is in the Middle School. Each and every bit of it counts for, an ocean is made of a trillion droplets of water and each droplet counts.

By: Dhruv Jhamb (VIII A) & Aryaman Pruthi (VI C)
A brief insight into the magical world of lights and sound with Sulaiman sir.

Q1. Is there a lot of pressure during this year’s Form Evening?
Ans- Not really, I am accustomed to a lot more pressure and maybe that will come in handy as the practice progresses.

Q2 How do you feel about being allotted such an important task?
Ans- I, for one, feel very proud to be given such an important charge. A show’s success largely depends on these technical elements.

Q3 What is the importance of lights and sounds in the form evening?
Ans- A show without lights and sounds is as good as a body without soul.

Q4 Who all are involved in this task with you?
Ans- Three students are helping me out. Their names are Devansh Gupta, Armaan Nayar and Hridai Madhukar.

Q5 Are there any technological improvements or additions from last year?
Ans- Indeed, there are some additions, for instance there will be a LED screen behind the stage. Moreover, we have an improved sound system.

Q6 What kind of skills are required to accomplish this task?
Ans- We require a creative and musical mind that can visualise this show.

By Dhruv Jhamb (VIII A) and Aryaman Pruthi (VI C)
Digging deeper into the world of music with Sandipan Ganguly’s (VII B)

Q. How did you develop an interest in the Tabla? How long have you been playing it?
Ans- My interest in the Tabla developed when I saw how passionately the Ustaads and young learners pursued it. I have been playing the Tabla for two years now.

Q. Why do you prefer the Tabla over other instruments?
Ans- Tabla is known to be as one of the toughest instruments to play and that is why I saw it as a challenge; hence preferred it over the other instruments.

Q. If you were asked to choose an instrument other than the Tabla, which one would that be?
Ans- I would play the Drums.

Q. How difficult is it to co-ordinate with the Choir and the rest of the Orchestra?
Ans- It is quite challenging but with hard work I will definitely pull through.

Q. How high are the expectations of Zakir sir?
Ans- Zakir sir’s expectations are very high indeed and initially it seemed pretty difficult to live up to them but now everyone is showing remarkable improvement.

Dhruv Jhamb (VIII A) and Varenya Gupta (VIII B)
Varenya Gupta (8 B)in an interview with STAR VOCALIST Vaishnavi

Q1: You have 4 songs- Tarana, Multi-faith, Tan Ki Kathinaiyon Se and Swasteya Wayu Mupa. Which is the toughest?
A1: Tan Ki Kathinaiyon Se as it has some difficult notes.

Q2: Do you think that the choir has improved during the past few weeks of practice?
A2: Yes I do think that the choir has improved (though I am also in the choir) as we are practicing with renewed vigor everyday .

Q3: How significant is the role of the choir in the Form Evening?
A3: The choir plays an important role because music is something which unites everyone and it is a pleasure after a parade of stunts, acting and dance. The choir will sing the prayer for the lighting of the lamp as well.

Q4: How challenging is it to keep up with the standards being imposed by the teachers in charge?
A4: During the first few days of practice it was a bit challenging but we approached it as a task and carried it out to the best of our ability. However we have now got used to it and it is no longer challenging for me and hopefully for the choir as a whole.

Q5: Do you think that you as an individual and the choir are still learning the basics?
A5: Though we are better prepared than last year, I do not want to think of it like that. I want to think that we need to improve so that we continue to practice with renewed vigor and rectify the minor errors that we might be making.

Today is Monday and hence, we (Uday Ahuja and Arya Goyal) headed towards his room to take the interview with him. We were very relieved when he told us that we could interview him. Here is what we asked him and the answers we got: Q) What are your thoughts on this year’s Form Evening? .
A) I am very excited about the show. Our students have been working very hard to put up the show. The Senior School Jashn did very well and I am sure Middle School will do the Magical Mystery Tour show as nicely as Jashn, if not better (or worse). .
Q) What are your contributions towards the Form Evening? .
A) Being the administrator of the school, I have to support the teachers, manpower, and lighting etc. .
Q) If you were a student, which event would you sign up for? .
A) I would sign up for Stage Management as the stage is what people see. This is what makes it very important. .
Q) How do you cope up with all the pressure during the Form Evening time? Do you receive help from anyone? .
A) We plan very well and coordinate very well with the other departments. I have a support staff of 30 people and hence, do not come under any pressure. .
Q) Has there been any change in your schedule because of the Form Evening?
A) No, the work I do for the Form Evening does not differ from the work I do otherwise. I come at 6 am and leave when the last person leaves.
Hats off to Virender Sir for handling a round the clock job so effortlessly! .

Varanya Gupta (8 B) finds out more from Sonali Garg about her role as a Voice Over in MMT’15

Q1 What is your task in the Form Evening as a participant in both Cosmic Dance of Shiva and River Out Of Eden?
A1 I am explaining the movements of the dancers to make sure that the audience understands and can relate to every single step.

Q2 Why do you think you were given the role in Cosmic Dance Of Shiva in the eleventh hour?
A2 I was the voice over in River Out of Eden, and Abha ma'am liked my performance. So, she gave me the chance. I sincerely hope that I can live up to her expectations.

Q3 How nervous are you about your role as a voice over? You pace is essential for the dancers, for any mistake, however minor, might be disastrous. Right?
A3 I am not very nervous but will make sure that the dancers can dance to my pace. I understand that the dancers are relying heavily on me which makes me slightly nervous and I will try not to make any error and be a cause of embarrassment to the school.

Q4 How do you think you will manage both the acts in the final days?
A4 Since I am only doing the voice over I don't have to wear the costumes of any of the acts nor do I go on stage. This will make the managing part very easy. Seems like she has it all planned! Best Wishes!

Neera ma’am shares some interesting scoop on the latest in the Prize department

A fine day for working, busy schedule, everyone running about towards their practices and the non-participants having fun in the classes, chatting away to glory, I approached the secretive prizes department for an interview, who could be seen working intently in the shadows. This is how it went:

Q. How many people are getting the prizes?
Ans. The number of students from middle school that are being felicitated is still being finalized but the number is close to 70.

Q. What are the prizes like?
Ans. The prizes are mostly books, wonderful books that are handpicked by Anita ma’am herself. Through these prizes we hope to inculcate the love of reading in our students.

Q. Any prize that is your favorite and you would have wanted as a kid?
Ans. All the prizes are tempting and very very nice. To be felicitated in front of so many people is a prize in itself but if I would have wanted a prize, it would surely be “Reader Of The Year”.

Q. Is it difficult to keep the prizes a secret?
Ans. Yes, at times children get impatient and want to know if they are getting a prize, and we just have to tell them to wait until the list is made official which really disappoints them.

Q. How many people are helping you?
Ans. We have a team of 5 children, and of course Shruti ma’am and myself( Neera ma,am ) are there as well.

Q. And now the burning question, when will the list be made OFFICIAL???
Ans. I’ll keep that open. It should be out next week or the week after.

So all middle schoolers, take a chill pill because you have a very good chance of being one of the felicitated 220. My advice: you should stop bugging the prize team because if they get irritated they might cut your name off the list!!! STAY TUNED!

Dhruv Jhamb 8 - A
It was a fine day, the breeze of the winter touching my skin and refreshing me as I went to take an interview of two young and talented dancers Ankrish and Shaan of 6 D. I asked them a few questions, which they aswered without hesitation, for they knew their dance like the back of their hand:

Q. What is the dance about?
Ans. It is about the theory discovered by Einstein that changed the reality into what we know of it today. A lot of fun formations come with this masterpiece of a theoretical dance.

Q. How many people are involved and who choreographed this piece?
Ans. Around 34 people are involved and our choreography is done by Radha Ma’am.

Q. How long is the dance? .
Ans. The duration of this dance is about 2-3 minutes.

Q. Are any props being used?
Ans. No props are required to prove the great theory of Albert Einstein.

Q. What role does this dance have in the form evening?
Ans. Its main role as the name suggests is to explain the great theory and how it works.

Q. Does it carry a message?
Ans. The main message is the importance of this theory that makes the universe light up.

Q. Last but not the least, are you guys having fun? Enjoying putting up a dance for your parents to see?
Ans. Its not a lot of fun, its not even tiring, but we do practice 24/7 and practicing the same routine again and again makes it monotonous. Although, we must add the fact that the concept of formations is a lot of fun. A trick that made us laugh a lot when we were introduced to it.

Uday Ahuja and Ekansh Bhardwaj on tete e tete with Vijayshree Ma’am

Q1. How did the idea of the form evening theme come up?
It was abha ma'am's idea

Q2. What are your thoughts on the form evening?
I am sure it is going to be magnificent as each year we out do last years form evening

Q3. Is there anything in the script that could be improved?
The script is always being improved. In fact there is a possibility that a change will happen on the final day

Q4. If you were to participate in the form evening, what would you sign up for
I would love to do ribbon dancing
Aryaman Pruthi (6 C) interviews one of the members of Projection team to get a know how of what Projection is all about.

I walked into computer lab 3 to interview Sai Sir. He gave me a warm reception and asked me what I was there for. I replied that I was a reporter and so he told me to interview one of the students because their perspective would be more important than his as they were the people who were working on it. I approached one of the students and asked him the questions I had prepared.

Q.1 What is projection all about?
Projection is the art of showing all the material you have collected on a screen. For example a child can explain a dream he has had by projecting still images onto the screen in continuous motion with sounds

Q.2 How is projection going to help the form evening?
It is not going to directly help,but rather help the parents understand the various complex theorems

Q.3 What does the projection team do?
Everyday each person in the projection team is given a topic. We then have to research and find videos about that topic

Q.4 Which topic have you been assigned to today?
I have been assigned the topic synthetic cells.
Tarini Singh interviews one of our versatile reporters, Ananya Aggarwal (6D):

Q.1 What are the things you are doing?
>Art and design,prizes and reporting.

Q.2 What is your schedule for the day?
First I go to class 7b or 7c to check if the prizes are happening today. If there is art and design I come to reporting at P 8. All the time I'm running.

Q.3 How do you feel with all this attention ?
I feel important.

Q.4 How do you manage all this ?
Well! It is a long story. I get home and feel my legs are about to break.

Q.5 Are all these your interests ?
Yup they are my interests but sometimes I feel I should quit prizes but I want to be on stage!

Q.6 Is there any incident that occurred because of being part of so many things?
Yes there was. It was a Thursday. I had to submit my SPL project the next day otherwise I would lose marks. I had tuition and review the next day. I had to submit a report also. At the end of the day I left my notebook in my class so I ran from the bus to the class and back with my notebook. Sometimes it is difficult being me.
Jude sir gets talking with our reporter Varenya Gupta (8 B)

Q.1 How important is the choir and orchestra for students?
It is a platform for the pupils to showcase their talent as vocalists and instrumentalists. Those who want to pursue their talents in the field of music should use either WE or PA periods for practice

Q.2 How have the choir and orchestra been coping?
The choir is doing well and so is the orchestra but the orchestra needs to gain more ground than the choir due to the indiscipline of some members. Apart from that it is the best choir and orchestra put together for quite some time now.

Q.3 What do you think has made the orchestra inept of coping up?
It is due to the lack of dedicated instrumentalists who do not believe in making appropriate use of the practice platform given by the school in the form of WE.

Q.4 Why do you think that Western Music is becoming more and more popular with youngsters?
It is because Indian Music has mostly the sitar,tabla and harmonium . The keyboard,drums and guitar are the more popular instruments and students tend to think that playing the Western instruments makes a strong profile.

‘Find the mystery in Learning!’ Abha ma’am on the genesis of MMT, learning and much more!
(Report by Uday Ahuja (VI B) and Ekansh Bhardwaj (VI B)

Q1. How did the idea of the theme ‘Magical mystery tour’ come up?
I saw some interesting videos about the mystery of matter on discovery science and, like other people who have not done a PhD in physics, I got blown away by the magic. So Bill sir and I decided to write the script. Three scenic days in Kasauli later, we had our script.

Q2. If you were to perform in the form evening, what would you like to sign up for?
I would like to be a clown.

Q3. What are your views on being a director of the form evening?
It is quite difficult to be a director.

Q4. Is there any message you would like us to pass on to the children?
Keep learning, enjoy learning and most importantly, find the mystery in learning.

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